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David A. Wimsett's Commitment to Protect Your Privacy

David A Wimsett, writer and author, may collect information from a visitor's inquiry or comment concerning products or services. These inquiries and comments can arrive via the David A. Wimsett web site's contact page, standard mail, electronic mail (e-mail) or by telephone. This information may include, but not be limited to;

This information is gathered for the distribution of contact mailings if the visitor has checked the Please add me to your mailing list Check box or to communicate to a visitor who has requested a reply to an inquiry. Comments and inquiries will not be publicly posted and will remain confidential to David A. Wimsett as described in the paragraph below. Other than for the purpose of sending newsletters to people who have indicated that they wish to receive mailings, personal data will not be used for marketing, tracking or to built psychological profiles of individual visitors. Anonymous, aggregated data will be retained to better understand the needs and desires of visitors and readers.

This information is retained either in secure physical storage or on secure, password protected electronic media. The passwords and material are only made available to employees or agents of the David A. Wimsett, writer and author, who have signed a non-disclosure agreement not to reveal any data to third parties. Visitor information will not be transmitted, sold, distributed or otherwise disseminated to any third party except to law enforcement agencies under a court order.

Users of this website may request to have all subscriptions or data or both concerning them deleted from servers, workstation computers and physical storage by using the contact page on the David A. Wimsett web page with instructions as to what data or subscriptions they wish to have removed.

This privacy policy has been reviewed and is in effect as of 4 January 2021.


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