Author David A. Wimsett

Dragons Unremembered: Volume I of the Carandir Saga

Thousands of years have passed since the dragon Baras taught the forbidden knowledge of magic to human sorcerers who named themselves Barasha, the servants of Baras. Together with demons, they made war on the Dragon Council for control of the world. The council drew together three men and three women to become the wizards who hunted down and destroyed the Barasha, then fashioned a magical crown that was used by a human monarch, Avar the Great, to subdue Baras. With Baras and the Barasha defeated, the wizards vanished.

Avar founded the monarchy of Carandir where women and men were guaranteed the same rights, freedoms and authority in all aspects of society. Stories of the Dragon Council, wizards, Baras and the Barasha, fell into legend. Few in Carandir believe that the magical crown holds the evil one at bay. They are concerned with rumors of looming civil war between baronies.

Yet, remnants of the Barasha survived. They plot to steal the crown and release their master who will spread a reign of terror that would consume the world.

Among those drawn into these webs are are twin brothers, Prince Ryckair and Prince Craya, and Lady Mirjel, daughter of a powerful baron. One of the twins is heir to the crown, though which will not be known until they take a ritual test. Mirjel is bound to marry which ever brother becomes king.

One guards the monarchy.
One defends the people from the Barasha.
One is seduced by them.

Dragons Unremembered tells of battles, political intrigues, diverse cultures, languages, lost lands, fantastic creatures, wizards, sorcerers, demons, days long past, music and poetry that create a full and absorbing world. Dragons Unremembered touches on themes that include loyalty, betrayal, love, revenge, strength of character, weakness of resolve, sacrifice, avarice, cowardice and heroism. There are epic battles, tender moments, tears and laughter.

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