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Dragons Unremembered: Volume I of the Carandir Saga

Dragons Unremembered: volume I of the Carandir Saga

Triple Winner at The BookFest Awards
Silver medal for Literary Science Fiction & Fantasy
Bronze medals for Fantasy Action & Adventure and Dragons & Mythical Creatures

Quarterfinalist in Publisher Weekly's Booklife Prize Fiction Contest

For thousands of years the evil dragon, Baras, has been confined by the magical power of the crown of Carandir. Sorcerers known as the Barasha intend to steal the crown and release their master while competing baronies, unaware of this threat, secretly plot civil war in a world of different genders, colors and ethnicities in predominate roles.

Among those drawn into these webs are twin brothers Prince Ryckair and Prince Craya, who vie for the throne and the love of Lady Mirjel, daughter of a powerful baron, who is bound by decree to marry the brother who becomes king.

Yet, Mirjel, strong willed and trained for battle, has chosen the one she loves and will have no other.

One is cast into the wilderness and seeks a magical talisman to confront the sorcerers before they wake the dragon. One forms a resistance movement to fight them. One is seduced by the Barasha.

Woven within the story are tells of battles, political intrigues, diverse cultures, languages, lost lands, fantastic creatures, wizards, sorcerers, demons, days long past, music and poetry that create a full and immersive world. Complex individuals must find inner strengths and overcome weakness to confront their own characters as much as outside forces. There are epic battles, tender moments, tears and laughter.

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