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Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of the Carandir Saga

Bronze medal winner for Literary Science Fiction & Fantasy
honourable mention for Epic Fantasy at The BookFest Awards

The final episode of the Carandir Saga

Covenant With the Dragons: Volume III of the Carandir Saga is the final instalment in the epic fantasy series.

The imprisoned dragon prepares to wake and spread a rein of terror

The civil war rages as the traitorous baronies push close to the place with the goal of establishing a misogynistic tyranny to suppress the rights of women and expel all who they do not consider to be “Pure Carandirians.” They enlist foreign forces who invade from the south.

Missions to seek help from allies are thwarted by the enemy.

A princess born far from the strife is tempered to return and face the forces of evil.

The Booklife Prize said, ”The third book in a trilogy (The Carandir Saga), Covenant With the Dragons does a fine job of catching up readers who haven’t read previous installments, but will be better enjoyed in tandem with its predecessors. The plot is linear and the scope of the narrative is epic. The book features thorough appendices further detailing the expansive lore and quality worldbuilding. The prose is strong, with vivid descriptive writing, clear exposition, and dialogue that effectively builds characterization. The novel’s world is well-imagined and believably depicted. Fans of fantasy will find much familiarity here, while the social values central to the book's themes land effectively and give the book a strong sense of character. The characters are distinct and dynamic, with arcs that appear to pay off from previous book installments.”

Publishers Weekly calls The Carandir Saga ”An immersive tale that combines palace intrigue, military coups, and sorcery. Great for fans of: Frank Herbert’s Dune, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings.”

As with the first two volumes, there is action, magic and battles. The world is peopled with characters of different genders, colors, beliefs and orientations. There are also histories, legends and songs. Intimate and intense moments test the characters with opportunities to examine themselves and either grow or diminish.

An appendix examines the languages of Carandir, social and economic factors and complete musical scores with lyrics for all the songs in the series.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and or your local independant book store. If your local bookseller does not have it in stock, ask them to order it for you from the Ingram Media Group catalogue.


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