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I was born in Burbank, California, directly between Walt Disney and NBC studios, a fact I feel has always had an impact on me. I raised my son as a single parent from the time he was six while I ran a computer consulting firm that provided advice, hardware, project malmanagement and software & database development. I was a Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) and earned a Masters Certificate in Project Management for St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

My works include women’s fiction, epic fantasy, science fiction, contemporary issues and humour.

My science fiction short story "Time and Tide" was published in The Absent Willow Review and shortlisted for their annual anthology. My urban short story "Shoot" won the Magelsforf Award for Writing Excellence. I was a runner-up in the Askance Short Story Competition in Great Britain and a winner in the Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia’s Postcard Poetry Contest.

The illustrated edition of Beyond the Shallow Bank, my women’s historical novel with elements of Celtic mythology, won first place for Magic, Legend & Lore and third place for Historical Fiction at The BookFest Awards.

Two novels in my epic fantasy series The Carandir Saga were also winners at The Bookfest Awards. In 2022, Covenant With the Dragons, the final volume of the series, won third place for Literary Science Fiction & Fantasy and honorable mention for Epic Fantasy. In 2023, Dragons Unremembered, the first book in the series, was a triple winner garnering second place for Literary Science Fiction & Fantasy as well third place for Fantasy Action & Adventure and Dragons & Mythical Creatures.

I attended the prestigious Squaw Valley Community of Writers Workshop literary conference for four consecutive years.

In addition to being an author, I’m also an actor, director, musician, composer, film maker and professional photographer. While I write, I see the story unfold in my mind as if I'm watching a movie. I hear the sounds of the world and the inflections of the dialogue, which I read aloud dramatically to myself.

I live in a small town in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, near the sea. In 2020 I retired from the computer industry after 45 years to devote all my time to writing and publishing. I’ve never been happier or more satisfied.


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